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When working with Australia’s biggest brand and communication company being on top of your game is simply a given. But when you also charged to deliver their store design of the future this requires so many more skills then just being a creative interior design studio.

Over the last 18month ACRD have been on a journey with Telstra to do just that, delivery their new store of the future FRE1.5. However it’s not just about opening a store it’s about connecting the brand to the customer in a way which has not been seen before in retail. This simply but complex brief has formed the basis of creating a store design that is comfortable, customer inspired, accessible, product focused and a delight for staff to work in.  Establishing this creatively has been the journey and working closely with the Telstra team has ultimately lead to the outstanding result which is such a refreshing process when you work with a client who wants to push the boundaries.

After building a lab store and testing it with over 250 customers and multiple staff teams, we ironed out all the bugs, made simple changes and effectively landed on a final design result.

The design concept can be described like a kit of parts, that when placed together create a serious of departments all planned to engage with the customer and take them on a journey of experiences through the store. We then overlayed the brand deliverables of luminosity, vitality and making magic happen, to create visible elements within the store and make the space come to life.

Functionality has played a big part of the design, coupled with great space planning dividing the store into mini departments that capture the gallery, lounge and workshop. All of these spaces working together seamlessly to effectively provide a comfortable warm environment that brings the Telstra brand to life in store.

The impact and results of this design has been overwhelmingly positive and ACRD are excited about the future and the next steps in evolving this design.